Saj Damar is a modern brand that seeks to build relationships with our customers by presenting products that take quality and distinct artistry into the utmost consideration. We design products with PASSION, praise DIVERSITY, and influence with INNOVATION. These three pillars inspire the creativity in our designs and our commitment to boldly influence fashion. 

The elephant in our logo symbolizes longevity and strength. It represents the excellent workmanship that goes into creating fine products for our customers.



Our mission is to make innovative clothing, which takes its owners on a journey of the creativity we’ve found around the world.



Our journey starts with Omaru Washington. The youngest of six children, survivor of a civil war and raised between Liberia and Guinea. Omaru grew up watching his mother working with dyes and fabrication and his sisters stitching clothes from cotton to lace to outfit. Omaru was inspired by the vibrant patterns and colors of clothing worn by everyone he engaged with in Africa, especially his grandmother, mother and sisters. He loved that each person’s clothing was designed uniquely and expressed emotions, history, and stories that were deeply rooted in the art of the fabric.

On voyages for inspiration that have taken him as far as Accra, Bamako, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jaipur, Lagos, London, Milan, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York City, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Venice, he has become a connoisseur of the world’s art and history. In his travels he has discovered that creative arts and designs are all around us – in every corner of the world. His discoveries are what have influenced the dreams of himself and co-founder, Kwame Antwi-Darkwah, to further travel the world and create fine products that share these inspiring stories with people from all walks of life. Because of this, each design at Saj Damar has been crafted to capture the beauty of humanity from many different cultures, to express and celebrate life and to help all customers make bold choices.