Our products are designed with the finest fabrics and accessories. Each design is a unique piece of art that boasts well-tailored stitching, elaborate details and vibrant colors. All our products are limited editions with specific prints and design elements. No print is ever repeated. Every Saj Damar collection is inspired by a specific element of a culture and its artists.

Consider our products a puzzle with many pieces. Each piece takes considerable time and detail to put together. From the sketching stage to the development of complimentary accessories to the sourcing of fine fabrics of the highest quality. At Saj Damar respecting the tastes and comforts of our customers is a priority.



Our products are long-term investments that require extra attention. They will last long and make a strong, bold statement, but they also require some care.

We strongly recommend that you “dry clean” all your Saj Damar products. This is the safest method to clean and prevent any permanent damage to your products. Some of your Saj Damar’s products have intricate patterns and embroidery details that should only be cared for by dry clean services.

If you prefer to care for your products at home, we strongly recommend that you hand wash them in cold water. Do not use chlorine. We recommend that you do not machine wash any of your products. Make sure to wash your products inside out to maintain their vibrant colors.

As far as drying methods go, hang dry products. Do not tumble dry. Tumble-drying with heat will weaken the fibers and cause discoloration. Make sure to dry products inside out. To prevent wrinkles, make sure to iron products inside out on low heat. Saj Damar is not responsible for any damages that occur due to improper usage/care.



Saj Damar products are designed to perfection. Detailed stitching, lively prints, deluxe fabrics and decorative accessories are components that contribute to the shirt bold statement.

Each Saj Damar product comes with extra replacement accessories (buttons, cufflinks, etc.). We strongly recommend that all repairs to your product be handled by a skilled, professional tailor. Saj Damar is not responsible for any damages that occur when proper instructions are not taken.